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1. Classes 

These run in conjunction with local school term times and there are no classes on National Bank Holidays. All term dates are specified on the booking forms. 


2. Payment 

a) Payment for any course is due before the date shown on the invoice.

b) JELLYTOTS reserve a right to charge a £20 administration charge for late payment. 

c) Payment can be made via by our system on Class4kids (Stripe payments incur a booking fee), bank transfer or cash.

d) We will notify you by email when the payment is due for the following term. Any late payments will result in your place being lost.


3. Teachers 

JELLYTOTS teachers are all fully trained and whilst we will always hope for you to have the same teacher we reserve the right to change teachers as necessary. 


4. Class Time Changes 

a) We may have to restructure or rearrange classes in exceptional circumstances. 

b) If this proves necessary we will do our utmost to keep class times as near as possible to existing class times. 


5. Terms & Conditions Changes 


  • a) We may update these terms if necessary.

  • b) We will notify you of any changes.

  • c) If you are dissatisfied with any amendments please let us know in writing within 10 days of notification.

  • d) In the absence of any such notification we will expect the revised terms and conditions to be

  • binding. 


6. Awards


  • a) Swimming Teachers Association Awards will cost £5 to include the badge and the certificate.

  • b) JELLYTOTS Swimming School Awards bronze, silver, gold and star are awarded free of charge. 


7. Refunds


  • a) We are unable to operate a refund policy for any missed classes you are unable to attend.

  • b) We are unable to offer any rescheduling of missed classes you are unable to attend.

  • c) These conditions apply for whatever the reason for classes being missed. 

  • d) If you require a refund before your classes have begun we will not be able to refund you the booking fee (if you paid via our system) and you will incur a £20 admin charge for trying to fill your place.

  • e) We will not refund you once the term has begun unless your child has a medical condition that will prevent them from swimming and a doctors note is provided.

  • f) All refunds due to cancelled classes will be issued as a credit towards the following term or refunded at the end of the term if you decide you do not want to rebook and notify us that you are not returning. If you paid via the system then the refund takes between 5-10 working days to get back to you. If you paid via bank transfer then you will need to message us at or with your bank details and we can process it manually. If we are able to offer make up sessions then we will try our best to rearrange your lesson so your child doesn’t miss out and then we won’t need to arrange the credit.

  • g) In the unfortunate event of lockdown/restrictions/ adverse weather conditions/unforeseen circumstances, term dates/classes will be postponed, no refunds will be given so please do bear this in mind when booking. Any classes that are unable to be rearranged will be refunded/credited at the end of that term.


8. Pool and Poolside Health & Safety 


  • a) All babies will wear Huggies Little Swimmers nappies under a Happy Nappy (Happy Nappies can be purchased at Gogglebox in Rectory Grove, Leigh on Sea or via the internet).

  • b) Toddlers with long hair must have their hair tied back or wear a swimming hat.

  • c) One parent is allowed in the pool with their child. Spectators are welcome at Lancaster Pool..

  • d) No food (including sweets or snacks) or drink is allowed poolside, in the changing rooms or lobby area at Lancaster Pool except bottled water or bottled milk (where necessary).

  • e) All nappies must be placed in the nappy bins provided in the changing rooms.

  • f) Swimsuits must not be squeezed out back into the pool.

  • g) Please ensure you shower before entering the pool and once your lesson has finished.

  • h) Parents must ensure their children are supervised at all times.

  • i) Children are not allowed to run in the spectators area, lobby or poolside at Lancaster Pool.



9. Exclusion of Liability


The parent or person in whose care the parents have place any child for the purpose of attending JELLYTOTS will be responsible for the wellbeing of that child at all times and attendance at JELLYTOTS is carried out entirely at your and their own risk without any liability upon JELLYTOTS. 


10. General Matters 


  • a) We do not allow any videoing, filming or photography at our classes.

  • b) JELLYTOTS/NEWWAVE is a protected trade name and Registered Trademark and we do not allow the reproduction of any of the JELLYTOTS/NEWWAVE logos photographs or reproduction of any of our lessons or classes or any other breach of our copyright.

  • c) We will not be liable for the actions of third parties.

  • d) All items left on our premises by you are left at your own risk.

  • e) You must not bring any child to the pool if suffering with any illness until your GP has given his

  • or her clearance for a return to classes.

  • f) Any changes in medical conditions (to include but to affect the generalisation of the foregoing statement pregnancy, blood pressure, diabetes) must be referred to JELLYTOTS and all existing conditions recorded when applying for classes.

  • g) Please notify the school of any medical conditions of the person responsible for the child that is swimming.

  • h) We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person whosoever if we believe their behaviour to be unacceptable, inappropriate or offensive.

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