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With over 20 years experience and three qualified instructors, we take baby swimming to the next level...

Jellytots-Swim School is the leading baby swim school in Essex.  With over 30 years experience, the founder of Jellytots-Swim School, Anne Kingsbury is a passionate swimming instructor and Aquatherapist working from two different pools in the area.  


What makes Jellytots-Swim School special is the journey we help facilitate our Mums and Dads to take with their babies, gaining their trust, developing life saving skills and ultimately having an amazing time!


We have classes Monday to Sunday, the weekend classes are particularly attractive to Dads, who find it difficult to interact and bond in an activity like swimming lessons during the week.  


All our classes are carefully structured to build confidence in the parents to teach their babies life saving skills.  The essence of the classes are built on fun and trust passed on from the teacher to the parent.  All classes have free time to play or just relax with Mum or Dad.  


We feel it is very important for babies and toddlers to have regular exercise, especially with the rise of obesity in young children. Anne’s experience working with children and adults with all levels of ability and disability, has given her a unique understanding of how bodies work in water.  


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