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About Us

We are a family driven and fun based swim school, with passionate swimming instructors and Aquatherapists working from two different pools in the area.

Being community driven has helped us form a great swimming base in the Leigh-on-Sea area over the past 30 years.

Swimming Instructors

Anne Kingsbury

Founder of Jellytots Swim School and Aquatherapy affiliated to the STA. 

Anne qualified as a swimming instructor in 1992 with the ASA, immediately becoming interested in all aspects of water activities. Her passion increased as she achieved qualifications in synchronised swimming and techniques to aid the disabled.

By the end of 1992 she was qualified in all aspects of the discipline and commenced classes at Kingsdown School to rehabilitate people with differing levels of ability and disability. Demand grew and classes were then located at Lancaster School, St. Christopher’s, Glenwood School and Elmbrook School in Basildon. Anne finally built her own swimming pool complex at her home in 2001.

As Anne’s clients benefitted from Aquatherapy she realised that a more progressive form of activity was required. Aqua Aerobics and Aqua Running were added to the programme at Lancaster School.  

In 2001 Anne had been practising yoga for sometime, she incorporated Ai Chi to her personal discipline explaining “This form of exercise calmed the mind, alleviated stress and helped to increase mobility in a warm, safe environment.” Classes are held at Lancaster School in a pool temperature of 94 Degrees.

August 2009, Anne qualified as an STA Baby and Pre-School Teacher. So focused by the training, Anne took manuals and lesson plan documents away on her annual holiday. On her return she advertised in the Leigh Times. This was in September and by Christmas the classes had gone from strength to strength. 

Anne praises her dedicated team without whom the organising of parents and children would not run so efficiently. 

The New Wave Swim Squad started in February 2017 at Eastwood Academy, seven and a half years after Jellytots took it’s first splash. The Squad has been a natural progression for our little swimmers to progress into more competitive swimming if they choose to. 

Ashley Kingsbury

Swimming has always run in Ashley's family. Her Grandad was a swimming teacher, her Dad swam competitively, her sister is a swimming teacher and Anne is her Mum! 

"Having a swimming teacher as a parent meant that holidays consisted of compulsory swimming lessons every morning before free swimming. I loved it and always very openly wanted to be a mermaid and spent most of my time swimming under the water rather than on top of it!'.

Ashley competed whilst at school and was 4th in Backstoke for Independent Schools across the country. She is also a qualified scuba diver - which ties into her mermaid obsession! She is qualified in Baby & Preschool but also has her Level Two Award in Teaching Swimming and teaches for Jellytots and New Wave.

Ashley is also an accomplished Photographer and is a keen underwater photographer.

Underwater Photography will be available to our clients from February 2022 - Her work can be found at

Catherine Austin

Catherine’s family moved from Norfolk when she was five. Already a keen swimmer she became a member of Southend & Leigh Swim Squad (SALS) between the ages of 5 and 12. Swimming competitively until going to University to become a teacher. 

Catherine has two sons who have both inherited her love of swimming and competitive nature! The whole family are active members of scouting and play a vital role in the running of the Essex International Jamboree. 

Catherine’s excellent teaching skills can be viewed at the New Wave Swim Squad where she teaches alongside Hayley. Her enthusiasm is plain to see  - “I love teaching at the squad because of the positivity and their keenness to learn, plus their determination to excel drives them to improve each week.”

Sarah Stallard
Hayley Watson

Hayley joined Jellytots in January 2017 having brought her two children to swimming lessons for the past four years. The innovative teaching styles Hayley saw inspired her to become a teacher and part of the Jellytots team.

Hayley previously competed in the Essex Southern Counties becoming champion in the 200m Butterfly, leading to competing at national level. Hayley comes from a family of competitive swimmers and wants to bring her enthusiasm and techniques to all the children she teaches.

Sarah re-joined Jellytots as a swimming teacher in 2020 but she qualified with the STA since 2014 and began her swimming career at Jellytots. Sarah has mostly been teaching babies and young children, and always ensures lessons are full of fun and full of praise for her swimmers.

Sarah has always been a keen swimmer, and with Aerial as her favourite princess, its no surprise that Sarah also really enjoys the mermaid parties we run!

Adrian Austin

Adrian has been swimming since he was a few months old becoming independent from a young age. However, when he went parent free at 3 he was a nightmare! His mum had to hide out of sight to enable him to take part in the lesson! He has swum for his school and competed at club level. Unfortunately Covid restricted his swimming activity and he has now stopped swimming with his club. Adrian loves helping and encouraging the young swimmers at New Wave and is a great ‘bubble police officer!’

We have the following qualifications:


*ASA Level 1 & 2 Certificate for Teaching

* STA Award & Certificate in Teaching swimming + Baby & Pre-School.

*Lifesaving/Safety Award


*STA Aquacise and Speedo Aqua Aerobics  qualified


We are fully insured with STA (Swimming Teachers Assosiation)

We are all DBS checked

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