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Bringing specialist swimming coaching to children of 4 years plus. We work on stroke technique, stamina and strength with a team of trained experts.


New Wave Swim Squad was formed as a natural progression from Jellytots when the Swimmers are ready to swim without test parents in the water. We have some incredible little swimmers in our school and our aim is focusing on the next phase of their development. Our lessons begin from that first lesson without their parents at around 4 years of age, all the way up to swimming 50metres+.


At the heart of the squad we focus on technique. Often overlooked, we feel that it is the fundamental importance of swimming at this age. We want our swimmers to become so natural in the water that the distance swum is not even an effort.

Children in the beginning of their parent free journey have lessons to help build their confidence initially and focus on swimming widths (5metres) with the teacher's help, along with floats and noodles. We focus on water safety as a priority and include not only swimming strokes but lessons on floating, push and glides, seated dives, sinkers, relays, and much more. The children who take these classes need to be able to sit and listen to instruction and have some swimming experience already. A requirement is being able to swim 5 metres with a float or noodle.


*These classes are not for first time swimmers. Ideally they will have completed at least two terms with Jellytots prior to trying swimming without their parents.*

Older students who have progressed to our Tuesday after school lessons and can swim 10metres start with a warm up to recall muscle memory.


Our class sizes are small enough for each students stroke to be acutely observed and steps are taken individually to improve efficiency and stroke technique, the numbers then increase slightly as the children can swim more independently. 


As with all our lessons, we still want the children to have fun and enjoy every aspect. We encourage teamwork with relays and games, work on dive techniques, racing turns and of course we perfect the very important ‘bomb’ jump!! 

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