Bringing specialist swimming coaching to children of 6 years plus. We work on stroke technique, stamina and strength with a team of trained experts.


New Wave Swim Squad was formed as a natural progression because our older Jellytots Swimmers had outgrown Lancaster Pool due to the heat and size of the pool. We were encouraged by our parents and incredible little swimmers to focus on the next phase of their development. Eastwood Academy School pool became available and it seemed like the perfect solution for the next step. With a larger pool, cooler water and 4 lanes, New Wave Swim Squad was formed. 


At the heart of the squad we focus on technique. Often overlooked, we feel that it is the fundamental importance of swimming at this age. We want our swimmers to become so natural in the water that the distance swum is not even an effort. 


With the increased distance of the pool, stamina is naturally increased enabling further distances to be achieved. 


Students start with a warm up to recall muscle memory. Class sizes are small enough for each students stroke to be acutely observed and steps are taken individually to improve efficiency and stroke technique. 


As with all our lessons, we still want the children to have fun and enjoy every aspect. We encourage teamwork with relays and games, work on dive techniques, racing turns and of course we perfect the very important ‘bomb’ jump!!