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Aquatherapy is gentle water exercise for the fit and not-so-fit. Our aquatic rehab workout is designed to repair and rebalance the body. Ai Chi is suitable for ante-natel & is the perfect way to end a stressful day.


Water exercise, carefully structured, can make a major contribution to the flexibility and strength of the body, this is because of the non-weight bearing factor, thus enabling the movements to be performed with far greater degree of comfort, all joints being cushioned by the water. With the result that these exercises will also benefit the older person suffering from painful joints and similar problems, such as arthritis, rheumatism, muscular and back disorders, also varicose veins, whilst at the same time enabling them to relax and enjoy the workout. This also applies to the Asthmatic who can now exercise discomfort-free, and to all those niggling sports injuries. The larger person who would normally feel self-conscious by their size and therefore not exercise due to embarrassment and discomfort would find that with AQUATHERAPY there are none of these problems. Indeed it is also beneficial to those dieting to be able to exercise in this way.

ANTE-NATAL EXERCISE (Incorporating Ai-Chi classes)


We are now pleased to be able to include into the AQUATHERAPY programme a new form of gentle exercise for the pregnant mother, which can only benefit her and baby, These workouts will also benefit the post-natal mother, and persons who have recently undergone abdominal surgery (hysterectomies). Please consult your Doctor or midwife prior to attending classes.




As we get older or through illness, muscle tone can deteriorate and this can cause bodyfat which leads to those extra inches, which makes us feel uncomfortable and in some cases looks unsightly. It is therefore most important that a good nutritious diet is followed along with muscle toning exercises. For maximum enjoyment you will find, after a short period of time, that you are getting more movements into the exercise and a far greater flexibility of movement, enabling stretching exercises to be introduced with total



Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Back problems, ante-natal, Sports injuries, Fractures and breakage's. The person who feel they are unsightly due to weight problems, varicose veins or mastectomies can all gain confidence due to the fact that during exercise, the water is at chest height and acts as a great leveller. Last but not least, the pupil who has a water fear problem can overcome this by working at their own pace, in their own time, gradually gaining confidence.



To finish the workout is most important. Using woggles or other floatation equipment – the perfect ending to an AQUATHERAPY session.

Anne Kingsbury - ASTA (AQ) A.I.S.T. D.Hom. Registered Homoeopathic Practitioner

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